Titika Faraklou is an award winning artist who lives and works in the island of Kefalonia, Greece.
She has studied Art in Athens, Greece. She has also learned 6 foreign languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian)

Her paintings have won recognition in Exhibitions and Art Contests both nationally and internationally and they have been published in several books and art magazines.


Having been born on an island I have always been drawn to the sea and everything about it. Naturally, many of my paintings have evolved around all things marine.
I love water and I draw immense pleasure from painting it. I’m mostly obsessed with the transparency of the shallow waters, the distorted patterns of pebbles and the reflections of light on the water surface. I’m mesmerised by the way the bright sun plays with the waves causing endless reflections and refractions on the floor of the sea. It’s a challenge and a delight to capture the patterns and shimmering movements before they disappear.
I am also fascinated by the interplay between light and water. I am driven by an urge to express how I feel about the world and find that painting the sea and water holds infinite visual potential. I find the sparkle of light on water hypnotic and love the way that through my painting I can express a range of different moods.
A lot of my inspiration also comes from my island’s breathtaking scenery, the bright sun of Greece, the fierce storms, the old houses, the fishing villages and the ruins, caused by the passing of time and by the island’s frequent seismic activity.
My style is contemporary figurative, based on classical values, but with modern approach. For me technical excellence is imperative in the sense that the skill of the artist should enhance the ideas, the meanings and the concepts that a painting is charged with.
Work that has content as its focus, using technique to communicate the content, makes powerful artwork that we never tire of viewing.